Saturday, 3 September 2011

Must have features in ColdFusion Zeus

A lot of announcements have been made about ColdFusion Zeus in recent conferences. I like this way of leaking the features in the upcoming release because it let's the community know what we all should be prepared for. I think the biggest announcement made was the move from JRun to Tomcat. I think what the team has thought is right, it should move to the next standard and the next standard is indeed Tomcat. I don't know why it took such a long time for the team to decide on this move. I have made a list of features, which I think will be a good fit for the next release:

  1. HTML5 features - Nothing concrete have been said at any of the conferences, but I noticed that there is a MAX session on ColdFusion and HTML5. I think there might be some good news about ColdFusion implementing some of the HTML5 features in their product. Of all the features in HTML5, the one that stands out is the WebSocket implementation. I don't know how the API or tag would look like, but if there is one HTML5 feature to be present in ColdFusion then it has to be WebSocket.
  2. Server side action script - I had attended the MAX conference long back, where in some one from the team had demoed the Server side action script. I think this would be a great addition to the product. In fact, I would say Adobe should create a new product separately with this in mind. The number of Flex developers are growing at a very good rate. In fact Adobe is betting very high on Flex\Flash. I don't see any reason as to not have this product in place. Whether it is a part of ColdFusion or not is a different story, but I want this some how from Adobe. I'm sure folks at Adobe would have certainly given a thought to it.
  3. Ajax controls - ColdFusion though not really a front end technology, but it does have some set of Ajax controls - Tree, Grid, etc,. What I find is that these are useful but difficult to code (may be it is just me).   I have to use the layout, tabs and other controls which are very difficult to follow. I would suggest improving or deprecating that. 
  4. ColdFusion Administrator - The Administrator looks like it was built in 90's. Why not take the best front end technology Flex and build it again. This might be time consuming, but it should be built in the next release. 
  5. Report Builder - Is this still under development? No idea? A feature provided in one release should then be enhanced in the next release. Looks like Adobe has completely forgotten that they had built this product some time ago; sorry ages ago.
  6. Performance - Since the product is moving from JRun to Tomcat, I'm a little skeptical about the performance of the product. If ColdFusion Zeus takes a performance hit then it would be difficult to get everyone adopt to the new release. I hope the move betters the performance.
  7. IDE support - I'm thinking of a list of features for CFBuilder, but the minimum for the IDE is to support the new features and changes in the language. I'll post this next.
That's it. I can think of these at the top of my mind. Can't wait to get my hands on the public beta release. Go ColdFusion!!!