Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Features I like the most in ColdFusion 10

Boys and Girls, ColdFusion 10 is out and it is a solid release. I'm writing a post after a long time to express my opinions on this new release. I like most of the features (not really all of them). So here's a list of things that I like in ColdFusion 10:

  1. HTML5 WEBSOCKETS: Mama Mia, this is by far the best thing ever, that has happened to ColdFusion. I say this because this will certainly help Adobe to get good number of downloads and increase the number of developers out there. But I'm not sure with it's adoption. I can think of chat applications and sort of applications that can get realtime data. But other than that what else can be done with them.
  2. JAVA INTEGRATION: Now I can see that Java will be more close to ColdFusion or vice versa ever. Again it is going to increase its adoption for sure.
  3. WEBSERVICES WITH REST: This was new for me and it took me some time to understand it in real sense. Well, I like this but may not use it in my projects right away. Maybe I should wait for the next project and see whether this feature can be a good add.
  4. HTML5 CHARTING: This is very sassy. I'll definitely use this in my projects.
  5. LANGUAGE ENHANCEMENTS: I see tons of them, which is good and will help the current developers to code better. I really like those implicit CFC constructors, for-in construct for queries and as such.
That's it and that's all for today. I'll post some not so good features in ColdFusion 10 soon. How soon? I don't know.

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